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What is the best way to prepare my furnace for the winter?


There’s no appliance more important in your home during the winter than your Furnace. Here’s a few tip to get your furnace ready for winter.

Make sure your furnace is ready to warm your home when the frosty cold weather sets in. We our technicians can show you the importance of a preventive maintenance check.

During the maintenance check, your technician will thoroughly evaluate your system. Here’s what your furnace service expert will look over:

1. Looking over the thermostat

2. Making sure there’s adequate airflow around the furnace

3. Taking a look at the wiring

4. Examining the burners and flame

5. Using a multi-meter to measure amp draws in the inducer motor and blower motor

6. Replacing dirty filters

7. Getting the readings on the carbon monoxide levels

8. Lubing up the motor if need be

9. Meticulously cleaning the furnace with a vacuum cleaner

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